Wochenfun 51/2001


Englischer Filserbrief

Sweeter the bells never cling

Dear Peter,

from outside, from wood come I here. I must you say: It gives no wood more, but it christmasses very. How wonderful is it here now in our world fuller angels, moons and stars, apples, bells and hearts. All these christly symbols can you have in red, gold and silver, with glitter and glimmer, in big and in little. The first domino-stones and lives-cakes were faced already in September.

Sweeter the bells never cling in the shops and buy-houses, in the guest-towns and on the christ-childerl markets. Even by the stand, where I besorrow me a pizza off and to, is it moving to hear "Still night, holy night" from morning till to evening an d not more "O sole mio". These Italians know simple, what it self here heard - people of good will. The sharpest: pizza on lametta.

Christmas stands before the door, but before itso wide is, rotare I still through. With other words: I am full in christmasstress. And every year the self circus, wich hangs me meterlong to the throat out. What for a christ-tree this time? Alone this question brings me on the palm. One from the tree-school or one in plastic? A white with red candles or a red with lilac bullets? Dead-chic, but then pass not the selfmade straw-stars from last year there to. Problems over problems. Ice-bomb to aftertable or tiramisu?

And every man awaits what from me - my aunts, my sister, my friends and, and, and. When I forget one, is the devil loose to christmas. To byplay: Aunt Lissy is no way´s to peace with nice pocket-cloths and there to the Regensburger dome-sparrows on CD. I self must her also what sing to the guitar, while it her so on the heart goes. Shall I her what whistle this year? No, you can not be so greysome to the high-holy feast, not then. We shall overcome, as the poet says, but for´s first come I not to me self. No term more for me by the hairstylist, I look out like a horror-screw.

And then fell me to all overflow a tooth out. That had you seen should. The stall of Bethlehem was with angels and sheepers bevoiced not fuller than the wait-room of my tooth doctor. It begave it self namely to time, when every German wanted still quick a bridge or a new eat-room on the cheap tour - before Norbert the Flower full to hits from first January on.

Oh stress let after! Cousin Walter, who is no child of sadness, has himself righttimely to Gran Canaria offset. But christmas in bikini? No, I stand more on a little bit snow and silence. I think, I go in me and bring the next time over christmas in a cloister to - when they only have TV there.

I wish you happy festivities and many presents from the christ-child, sorry, you Englanders have yes the christmas-man.

Your true Gisela